Grandmother Lodge Moon of Breaking Masks

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Starts: 3:00 PM

The Sacred Circle held near the Full Moon is called a Grandmother Lodge. It is the bringing together of women and men to explore the natural and cosmological influences that will speak to our inner children. Every year as a child we have the chance to develop qualities that help us be whole, functional human beings. For the most part we weren't taught these ways, and therefore most of our moons have imbalance. 

The Grandmother Lodge is a safe place for us all to explore our moons, i.e., our emotions, wounds and stories with others wanting to do the same.

April's Full Moon we are exploring the Moon of Breaking Masks (our inner 9 year old). What are the masks you wear, with family, with friends, at work? What lies behind them? Why do we have them? What is the difference between the Illusion and Reality?

Come explore with us!

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  • Our "In the Name of Magic" workshop was amazing!  So much learning and healing took place!  I am hopeful that others who attended this seminar will also comment; we are already looking at next year's workshop!!

    The ConsciousNest Community will continue to offer workshops like "In the Name of Magic", our three aromatherapty workshops, and other workshops to educate and illuminate.

    Ally Harris
     / Director, the Conscious Nest Community